Casa Viña Sol – Casa Particular

Holá dear Guests,

In our Casa Particular there is a living area of 300 m² and with five guest rooms it has enough space for up to 12 guests. More specific information can be found under the menu item “Rooms”.

Casa Particular - Sohn Adriano

Adrian with his son Adriano

And here is Margot will welcome you to our Casa Particular.

Here you can linger, read a book or just watch the Cuban life on the street.

In our kitchen Margot prepares for you all meals according to your wishes.

And here we are again on our spacious terrace. There you will find peace, shade and relaxation. We would be happy to reach you a Mojito or a Cuba Líbre. Also you can take your meals on the terrace.

A small selection of our offers you can find under the menu item Prices.

But let’s go into the house. Here You can see one of our two living rooms, which we actually only use when it rains, or when we want to watch a movie. Because life in Cuba mainly takes place outside.

Did you know, that the plant that is called Hibiskus in our language, is called Flor de chivo ( Flower of the goat ) in Cuba.

You haven’t seen enough sun? Then enjoy the view from one of the two roof terraces.

Here you can sunbath, and enjoy a famous Mojito from Tata.

… or look into the wide open view of Viñales most typical Mogoten mountain range.

Our small garden offers many kinds of birds

… also one of the smallest birds of the world, the Zunn Zunn has a regular stay here.