Documentary with valuable tips and suggestions for your trip through Cuba

In this authentic documentary from WUNDERWUNDER SCHÖN from the WDR you will find very valuable tips and suggestions for your trip through Cuba.

You will find information about Viñales from minute 38:40 until 1:03:00. Even though it’s in German, the views are really interesting. We can confirm the experiences from the journalists from minute 50:15 about the friendliness and the service in Mirador. We would happily invite you to visit the bar from Mario Sergio, who can found about 200 meter behind the palm tree groups, in minute 51:00.

Impressions from Mario Sergio’s bar can found on this link. Mario Sergio is also a very good guide and can invite you for a tour through Los aguaticos and visit the Cueva del ocho, a cave with underground water, which you can cross through and swim in.

It’s a mix between astonishing nature, walking through the tobacco fields and other original products from the cuban agriculture and a real adventure.

The price for this combination of tours, is 35 CUC per person and includes a cocktail or another drink and also the required lamps for the caves. I would recommend to  bring some good shoes for the walk and the cave.

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