Viñales is a in 1879 founded village in Provinz Pinar de Rio. It is located in the Tal Valle de Viñales ca. 30 km north from the province capital Pinar de Rio and has about 27.771 Einwohner (2012). Viñales and our Casa Particular “Casa Viña Sol “ is located about 190 km from the center of Havana.

Since Cuba got accessible for tourists, Viñales became the most visited place in the province, if not the whole of cuba. Many people around from around the world have visited us in our Casa.

From the fertile valleys of the Valle de Viñales, impassable mountains, the “mogotes”, give the landscape the typical appearance.

Two small caves (Cueva de San Miguel and Cueva del Indio) are to the north of the village. 17 km to the west is the largest cave system of Cuba with 46 km of extension, the Caverne de Santo Tomás.

Viñales is a national monument and was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, together with the Valle de Viñales and its agricultural cultivation tradition.

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